Dilara F. 10 January 2023
A small hotel in the 130 block of Irkutsk, stylized as a hut /terem, but only outside, inside comfortable large rooms, a large bathroom, everything is very clean, there is a large closet with enough hangers, normal bubbles with shampoo /gel in the bathroom, a full set for brushing teeth, etc., hairdryer, bathrobes, slippers. Iron and board on the floor, nearby. Kettle, tea, coffee in the room. Water on the floor in a cooler and bottles in the room. You can also drink tea /coffee near the reception. The staff is very friendly and responsive, there is a sense of cordiality. There was such a moment: they have breakfast from 7 in the morning, but we needed it at 6, we asked for a lunch box, but we had a full breakfast by 6 in the morning.