Rules of residence and payment

Dear guests!
Please read the rules of residence and payment:
  • The guests may check-in according to reservation and at the rack. The reservation lasts till 6 p.m. local time if a different time of checking-in is not mentioned.
  • The payment for staying at the hotel is taken according to the fixed hour – 12 a.m. local time. The full price is charged for the first 24 hours regardless of the real time of staying. If the guest is delayed the rules are the following:
    • within 6 hours after the payment hour per hour price is taken (it depends on the rate);
    • half of the price is taken for the delay from 6 to 12 hours;
    • full price is taken for the delay from 12 to 24 hours.
  • Full price is taken if the guest checks in from 00 a.m. to 08 a.m. Half of the price is taken for the guaranteed reservation if early check in (from 08 a.m. to 12 a.m.) is necessary.
  • A guest should check out according to the previously arranged date and time. The prolongation is possible only if there are rooms available.
  • Accommodation of children under 5 years old is free of charge in case of their staying with the parents without additional bed.
  • Additional bed cost 1500 rubles for person.
  • Breakfast is included after the first night. In case of early check-in the breakfast is to be paid according to the price-list. Breakfast is served at the restaurant of the hotel from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Early breakfast is possible if a guest informs the receptionist about the time before midnight.
  • Visitors are allowed from 7 a.m. To 00a.m. After midnight the visitor should be registered and additional place paid.
  • The receptionist gives guests a guest card and an electronic key to the room. The guest card allows a person to take room keys at the reception and the coupons for breakfast at the restaurant. Leave the keys at the reception when going out of the hotel building! Otherwise it is impossible to clean the room. When checking out the guest must give the keys back to the receptionist. The guest is charged for loosing the key according to the price-list.
  • We advise guests to rent depositary box at the reception for keeping valuable things. The hotel is not responsible for the safety of valuable things left in the room.
  • The administration of the hotel has a right to impose a penalty on a guest for hotel property damage.
  • There is a book for guests' comments at the reception of the hotel.
  • In other cases not mentioned in this regulation the guests and the hotel must follow Russian Federation legislation.

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